Hit the jackpot in Slovenia!

Slovenia is a land of casinos. Try your luck on slot machines and gaming tables. Many casinos offer a wide range of games and treat you to culinary delights.

Casino tourism is a new way to enjoy travel, the offer is becoming more diversified every day increasing the variety of experiences and tourist packages planned exclusively to make the most of leisure time.

By choosing this option offered by Lifetime experience, you are assured of fun and entertainment. An endless number of elements such as live shows, games of chance, gastronomy, culture and architecture are combined to offer a unique and avant-garde tourist offer.

1. Unbeatable tourist offer

Lifetime experience incorporate unbeatable privileges in our tourist plans, accommodation in glamorous resorts where luxury and casino gambling prevail, with access to refined restaurants, swimming pools, shows, theme parties, and an avalanche of fun at slot machines, bingo, online sports betting, table games and video games that will keep you immersed in an enveloping atmosphere.

2. All-inclusive plans and 24-hour fun

It is no secret that casinos have reached a worldwide boom in the last few decades. Therefore, thousands of travel agencies offer all-inclusive plans that cover all the needs during the stay and the expectations of tourists who love games of chance.

These plans include all the appropriate services so that visitors can get away from their daily routines and enjoy a great vacation, as well as activities that combine fun and fortune.

Casinos channel entertainment into gambling so in many countries, and cities that are references for this type of fun, betting centers are always open to the public both day and night.

3. Culture, gastronomy and tradition

Casino tourism not only involves visiting gambling houses, parties, opulence and nightlife, it also includes ancestral culture, traditions, gastronomy and historical monuments of the destination.

Top 10 Casino experiences in Slovenia

1. Perla, Casinò & Hotel – Nova Gorica

Welcome to Perla, where you will experience gambling at its best. The largest casino in Europe offers you exciting games on more than 900 of the most modern slot machines and 90 gambling tables with a wide array of games. Your gambling experience will be even more perfect because numerous competitions, tournaments, and promotions are available for you daily.

2. Park, Casinò & Hotel

The Park Casino has a rich tradition, hence it is considered one of the largest and most attractive casinos in Europe. The extremely welcoming staff will cater to you daily, so you can relax and have fun. The casino also offers comfortable accommodation, shopping and culinary delights. You can try your luck, compete in various tournaments and have fun at concerts, raffles, and other forms of entertainment. 

3. Aurora, Casino & Cabaret - Kobarid

The Aurora Casino blends elegance and cosiness to create something truly special. Gamble on colourful slot machines and gambling tables while enjoying an entertainment programme. The friendly staff will bring a smile to your face. Try your luck on various modern slot machines and gambling tables at the Aurora gambling and entertainment centre.

4. Grand Casino Lipica – Lipica

Grand Casinò Lipica, first an entertainment centre and then a casino, is located in the unique environment of the idyllic estate of the Lipica Stud Farm. More than 300 slot machines and four electronic roulettes are available. A hall with classic games is especially attractive.

5. Grand Casino Portorož – Portorož

Grand Casinò Portorož does not only represent quintessential gambling, but this is also a place to have fun, relax, and enjoy world-class cuisine and entertainment. This legendary casino has been the jewel of Portorož for over one hundred years. Due to its location, favourable Mediterranean influences, and the luscious smell of roses, Portorož has always been a place to find happiness. Enjoy classic games played at gambling tables, electronic roulette, and the latest slot machines.

6. Casino Riviera

Enter this casino in the heart of Portorož and try your luck on more than 180 slot machines and two electronic roulettes. Spend your weekend enjoying the additional entertainment programme, culinary and various other themed evenings.

7. Casino Bernardin

An adventure that awaits you every day and every night of the year. The largest casino on the coast with a beautiful view of the sea provides you with fun, good food and drinks. Top off your evening by trying your luck on slot machines and electronic roulettes.

8. Korona, Casinò & Hotel – Kranjska Gora

Luck is your faithful partner in the lavish fairy-tale world of Korona. Visit this casino and play games at one of the numerous gambling tables and machines, enjoy excellent concerts, an entertainment programme, gourmet pleasures, and a lovely hotel in the heart of green woods. Enter the exciting world of games of chance in a magical place of gambling and entertainment. 

9. Casinò Fontana – Rogaška Slatina

The Casinò Fontana is located in the centre of the world-renowned Rogaška Slatina Health Resort and in the heart of the most beautiful resort park, where it invites you to try your luck and have fun. This richly appealing health resort, with its recreational, beauty, and other attractions, has been welcoming countless visitors from near and far for centuries.

10. Casino Bled – Bled

The Casino in the middle of the town of Bled has enjoyed a long tradition and is one of those casinos where you will surely feel incredible. It has more than 180 slot machines and three electronic roulettes, and the live gambling is especially inviting.

Casino Drive-In: Relive the Fifties in the USA!

Casino Drive-in is a pitstop for luck! The rattle of slot machines, the challenges on the electronic roulette, prize draws, and culinary masterpieces of our chefs prepared in front of your eyes. You will find all this and more right next to the former Vrtojba border crossing.

We will arrange an unforgettable Casino night or Weekend escape in Slovenia for you. Do not wait to long and try your luck. Contact us. Make a bet and win a Jackpot!