Top 10 Glamps in Slovenia

1. Garden Village Bled


Garden Village Bled has been designed in a way that allows each accommodation unit, each space and each detail to tell its own story. You will feel completely in tune with nature wherever you find a little corner for yourself. Do you know how sweet a ripe apple tastes when picked from a tree? Garden Village Bled is located right next to Lake Bled, one of Slovenia's most beautiful attractions. Bled is also a great starting point for exploring other sights, which are only an hour or two away.

Garden Village Bled is a world unlike any other. If offers five different types of accommodation – all of them among the trees, bringing you closer to the luxury of nature. When was the last time you spent the night in a tree house or in a glamping tent? Maybe now is the time to do it.  At the resort, you can also recharge your batteries on a small beach by the stream that is full of life. It is a perfect place to cool off and calm your mind during the hot months, which makes it a popular hangout for young and old alike. 

2. Chateau Ramšak Vineyard Glamping

Luxury Vineyard Glamping

For lovers of nature, luxury and wine. Glamping resort Chateau Ramšak invites you to a hidden gem in one of the most beautiful and untainted parts of Slovenia. Nestled within over fifteen hectares of rolling green hillsides to our own exquisite vineyards, in the heart of the scenic wine region of Styria, is a true paradise for lovers of nature, luxury and wine itself. Only a moment away from the bustling city of Maribor is one of the most unspoilt destinations in Slovenia. The Ramšak estate, with its fairytale country castle, is over two centuries old, steeped in ancient history and drenched in natural beauty. 

There are plenty of delights to revel in here, from the sparkling little stream and lush green views with vineyards all around, to the tuneful birdsong that welcomes every morning. The Chateau Ramšak boasts its own wine cellar with the largest wine press in Europe, a graft of the World's oldest vine and tasting bar, situated next to a romantic and revitalising pond. Here you can get as close to nature as possible by staying in our glamorous glamping tents under the stars. Relax on your private terrace or in a hot tub, soak up the views, indulge in wine from our vineyards, and much more.

3. Forest Village Theodosius

Welcome to your home away from home

Our cozy homes present a safe shelter and give you the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries, while the Vipava Valley offers numerous activities to help strengthen your body and soul.
Hidden in a centennial pine forest overlooking the majestic Vipava Valley, Forest Village Theodosius can’t wait to embrace you in its welcoming arms. Right at the edge of Vrhpolje village, just a step away from everyday bustle, is where you’ll find the perfect combination of both worlds: truly authentic nature and modern comfort.

Wake up to the wonderful smell of coffee wafting from the nearby restaurant Theodosius. Enjoy your breakfast there or right on your terrace and start your day off right. Seize the day – carpe diem! Any way you want to. Let our chefs spoil you or visit other nearby restaurants and try out the local cuisine, coupled with the exquisite wines of the Vipava Valley. Let your taste buds do the talking! The power of the sun and the earth is fuel for our bodies!

4. BeeLand Skok Mozirje

Glamping in the beehive

On the fragrant meadow in the middle of beautiful Savinja valley has built a new village, named Beeland. This special setting is found in Mozirje town.

The place where bees found a new home.. in the beehive. We opened the door for you dear guest, who want to experience original holidays and unforgetable vacation. Stay in chalets in the form of honeycomb and watch how busy bees will bring real magical atmosphere. But Maya and Willy chalets are not uniqe accommodations just for summer and spring time, when the bees are active. It can be special accommodation in autumn and winter months too. In the cooler evenings you can create your own wellness with jacuzzi and sauna.

In the external view it is hard to imagine how the chalet is furnished. We can tell, that you won’t miss anything in there. Vacation will be remarkable. Modernly furnished bathroom. The kitchen from which you can smell delicious dishes or coffee. Bedroom to rest and sleep peacefuly. Added value to ambience gives Finnish or Infrared sauna and jacuzzi or massage tub for pamparing.

Because of connection with nature and health you can start your day with healthy breakfast, which we offer on your request.

Beeland is a perfect place for everyone who wish something different and coexistence with nature.  Place for individuals, romantic persons or families.

5. Nebesa Chalets

Connect to the moon and stars

The story of Nebesa begins a hundred years ago, when the slopes of Matajur and Kuk were mowed and grazed in summer and skied over in winter. After that, a ski lodge was erected in Ručnovka above Livek. A popular ski slope went under at the end of 1990s due to green winters. And it was here that Katja and Bojan built Nebesa. After 15 years, the story is continued by Maja and Samo with their family

Nebesa is the name for four chalets for two persons captured on a panoramic deck between the sky and earth. A privilege for four couples almost a thousand metres above sea level and overlooking the peaks of the Julian Alps, the Triglav National Park and the emerald Soča river in the valley beneath.

Close your eyes and escape to Nebesa. Recall the scent of fresh herbs and flowers, the sound of Soča river and waterfalls, the taste of local food.

6. Glamping Olimia Adria Village

The magnificent glamour of nature

A glamping resort with luxury safari tents set in small picturesque town Podčetrtek, awarded as Slovenia Green Destination. An architecturally and perfectly designed resort, which impresses its guests with a high level of prestige. The magical atmosphere is complemented by an outer ambient, full of paths, streams and central fireplace. A great location for adventoures and active family holidays with an amazing family water park and one of Europe’s best wellness & spa centre, Wellness Orhidelia. When you decide for yourself and your darling to have a luxury holiday with a touch of adventure, the glamping tent is a catching choice! A luxury holiday-home under the stars is waiting for you and your loved ones.

7. Kolpa Glamping resort

100% natural resort

In the heart of Bela Krajina, in south east Slovenia, we have designed and constructed a wonderful 'Glamping' resort, consisting of wooden houses, glamorous tents and a natural swimming pool.

Built in a wonderful setting, on raised ground where the old Manor House of Krasinec once stood, the resort sits on a hill just a stone's throw away from the River Kolpa, with stunning views of both the Slovenian and Croatian countryside.

Sadly the Manor is no longer there but is an ideal location for our new, 100% natural resort.

The resort itself has plenty of room for expansion, given the space available, and will make a significant contribution to the development of the local economy.

8. Glamping Gozdna Jasa

Where comfort, nature and peace come together

Gozdna Jasa is the first glamping with Lotus Belle tents in Slovenia. Each tent has its own terrace overlooking the surrounding hills, handmade beds and bedside tables, fresh linen and towels. In addition to equipped tents, there are also pitches for free camping. The camp is located only 5 km from the center of Bovec and in the immediate vicinity is the Boka waterfall, the river Soča, a golf course.

Gozdna Jasa is located on a farm and is thus a perfect place for animal lovers. We have goats that you can pet, bees and domestic chickens. You will be able to taste homemade Bovec honey, local cheese and cottage cheese, etc. We offer a quiet and private accommodation in the middle of a meadow surrounded by forest, mountains and the river Soča. The camp has a great connection to the main road, but it is still away from noise, people and offers a lot of privacy.

9. Wine Village Glamping

Spend the night in a genuine wooden wine barrel

A testament to Ptuj’s long wine-making tradition. These unusual but comfortable and fascinating dwellings for two stand around a central area with a communal fireplace.  Accommodation in wine barrels is a popular choice for couples and great fun for families or private groups, who often visit the Wine Village for a celebration or team building.

10. Chocolate village Glamping

A heaven for chocolate lovers

Chocolate Village by the River is a luxury glamping resort located in a beautiful setting of a natural park next to the Drava River. The village is also located next to the famous Drava cycling route. Forget about dieting and welcome to heaven where you will be happy to sin.