Courses surrounded by magnificent nature

The golf courses of Slovenia are among the most beautiful in Europe

They are set in typical landscapes on the edge of the Pannonian Plain, among vineyards and rolling hills, below Alpine summits, and in the idyllic karst landscape. Due to the short distances within Slovenia, you can reach most of the golf clubs from Ljubljana within one hour.

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Slovenia is a great destination for golfers, as they can play at various courses around Slovenia in a single day due to the relatively short distances. Golfers don’t like coming to Slovenia just for the well-maintained courses, but also for the exciting adventures in their vicinity. Enjoy the views of picturesque nature, go on a top-notch culinary journey, enjoy some wellness treatments in nearby spas, learn about the lively cultural vibe, and at the end of the day rest in the shelter of castle walls or surrounded by nature in luxury glamping accommodation facilities.

Top 10 Slovenia Golf Courses


It might not be the longest course, but it is more than tough enough for even the most avid of golfers. The 18 holes provide a diverse range of challenges as well as stunning views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. What more could one want?


A course entirely in harmony with nature, Bovec offers equal parts entertainment and the prospect of a real golfing challenge. The almostconstant views of the Julian Alps don’t hurt either, at this course wholly embedded within its environment.


The practice range, pitch & putt course and short natural golf course in the lush surroundings of the Brdo Estate are ideal for anyone looking to get into the world of golfing – from kids and youth to seasoned golfers and businessmen on a break, along with everyone visiting Brdo for their meeting, conference, seminar or anniversary.


One of the best golf courses in Slovenia and famous for its perfect mix of golfing, relaxing at the charming wooden clubhouse and its excellent cuisine. Opened in 2008, the Diners Club Golf Course is the newest
course in the country and features fast greens, pristine fairways and an excellent driving range artificially lit at night.


A fine nine-hole course built according to the designs of legendary course architect Donald Harradine, Lipica is the only course in Slovenia that is officially open throughout the entire year (weather permitting). Excellent package deals are available.


Special attention was paid to the preservation of the original flora and fauna of the area when building this course, which has to some uniquely shaped (and not to mention challenging) greens, along with a nearly 600m length ninth hole.


It is situated in stunning natural setting along the emerald river Krka, next to the famed Otočec Castle. Nestled among lush forests of Dolenjska, diverse fairways, large greens, and spectacular views are all the more reason why will you love this golf course.


The oldest and the largest golf course in Slovenia, its origins date back to 1937. Many visitors claim it to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe. It comprises the 18-hole King’s Course and the nine-hole Lake Course. The course is located in a unique countryside location overlooked by the highest of the Slovenian Alps.


It might not be the most beautiful course in Slovenia, but its aesthetic shortcomings are compensated for by its proximity to Ljubljana and the fact that it is the only course in the country that does not officially require a golf licence to play. Additional to 9 holes golf course you can expand your experience in mini golf and footgolf.


In an idyllic surrounding of vineyards in Škalce lies the golf course on 2.500 meters long near Slovenske Konjice, one of the oldest Slovenian towns. Because of the natural gift it is very agitated and it is wholly surrounded with vineyards. A course is a very big challenge, even, for the best players.