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We are specialists in pre-wedding and travel photography in Slovenia. Our service is available year-round. The professional photographers will take a magazine-quality photos of you. A high-resolution images ful of beautiful memories or professionally edited short film with music will stay with you - for ever. All you need to say is: Yes, I  do! Our experts will do the rest. With love & smile. We have an adventurous soul - the journey to eternity is our goal.




We provide premiere vacation and pre-wedding photography experience. Our team of photographers is changing the way you remember your vacations. The sensitivity and natural intuition make our creative photographers the perfect men for capturing your special moments. The thorough approach and deep understanding of this form of art help enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Our team consists of highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals, each a professional in their own field. We take care of every little detail, making sure that your pre-wedding photo session is a Lifetime experience. Our expert make-up artists, hair stylists, florists and jewellers will pamper you to the extreme, and make you feel gorgeous on this special day. You will also have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of top quality wedding gowns that can be custom tailored to fit you perfectly. Choose the gown of your dreams, and for that final touch you will have the chance to match it with some beautiful sparkly jewellery.


Why sLOVEnia?


sLOVEnia is a Hidden Gem where Eternal Romance in waiting for you in the Heart of Europe. It is also the only country in the world that has the word love within its name.

If you are dreaming of a romantic place where you can capture breathtaking pictures with your loved one - Slovenia and its neighbouring countries are the perfect destination for a unique photo session! This gorgeous part of Europe is full of untouched natural beauty, charming old buildings, good food and friendly people.

Slovenia is a perfect destination for romantic escape. It is one of the smallest, safest and greenest countries in Europe. Slovenia has it all. Breath-taking mountains, clean emerald rivers and lakes with mystical reflections. It is a real life - fairy tale with a pure green nature. Charming small villages and towns, historical castles, beautiful buildings, unique bridges, squares and fountains offer plentiful opportunities for that truly special photo shoot. Slovenia has four distinct seasons, offering green spring, sunny summer, colourful autumn and snowy winter.

One of the most fantastic castle sits in the middle of rock face, hiding the entrance to a secret cave. Caves are another of Slovenia’s famous natural wonders, so make time to visit and explore the mysterious underground.

If you are in the mood for romance you should head towards the coast. Make a stop at the Lipica stud farm, to meet famous Lippizaner horses and treat yourselves to a horse-drawn carriage ride. Visit us and FEEL sLOVEnia. We will make sure that you will never forget this amazing experience. It will stay with you FOR EVER.




Price: 350 Eur



    1 Hour Photo Shoot


  • This shoot would be ideal for a solo traveler wishing to take awesome snaps to show-off to everyone. However, it would also be suitable for engagement, honeymoon or anniversary celebrations.



Price: 600 Eur


  • 2 Hours Photo Shoot60 DIGITAL PHOTOS | 2 LOCATIONS
  • Suitable for a gathering of friends on a once in a lifetime trip at a few your favorite locations. Immerse yourself in the vacation photography experience and look back years from now and cherish your photos along with the memories.



Price: 700 Eur


  • 3 Hours Photo Shoot


    Perfect for a family outing, a group of friends, including for couples eloping! Surprise friends and family with these photos. They may have missed out on the day, but with our charming photos they can admire the moment forever.




Price from: 1,550 Eur


You are planning an epic vacation. Either it is your pre-wedding photo shoot or an Elopement in City Hall or Central Park, we provide premium photography service, including consultation, styling tips, and itinerary planning.


12 working hours (7 am – 7 pm, including make-up & hair styling, transportation, changing outfits, lunch time and photography time)


Wedding Video

From: 799 Eur/day

  • FILM A: 20 to 25 minute cinematic film + 3 to 5 minute preview film + 60s teaser film + 2 cinematographers + multicam coverage, professional color grading, unique licensed music + films on usb key in a symbolic wooden box & available digital download PRICE:: 2950 eur
  • FILM B: 12 to 15 minute cinematic film + 60s teaser film + 2 cinematographers + multicam coverage, professional color grading, unique licensed music + films on usb key in a symbolic wooden box & available digital download PRICE: 2290 eur


Photography Course

Price: 150 Eur/per person

  • A walk around Ljubljana would take place in the most photogenic locations: Butcher's Bridge, view of the Triple Bridge, Plečnik's Food Market, locks of love, Prešeren's Square, the church, the triumph from the most beautiful angles Visit the Skyscraper, the Secession Staircase, at the top of the panorama of the city of Ljubljana. We will also meet the famous Dragon - symbolof Ljubljana.

  • Vacation Photography
  • Glamorous professional photoshoot
  • Personal Instagram Photoshoot
  • Photography with Horses - 1550 eur
  • Private tours - Hightligts of sLOVEnia - 299 eur
  • Wedding Planner – 1500 eur
  • Two doves white – 250 eur
  • Fire Work –  590 - 1800 Eur
  • Make-up & hair stylist
  • Photo session coordinator
  • Wedding gown (rental 300-900 eur)
  • Men’s suit (purchase) 290-600 eur
  • Personal photo session
  • Wedding Ceremony 2999 eur
  • Bride Maids and Grooms – 160 eur per person
  • Wedding Cake & Weeding Meal
  • Flower bouquet
  • Birthdays, Team buildins, Celebrations
  • Handmade photo album (30 photos) + shipping
  • Video - from 799 Eur
  • Transportation and Airport pick up/drop off
  • White LIMO (3h) - 450 eur
  • Helicopter - (1h) - 450 eur
  • Hot air Balloon – 200 eur/person




7 Days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

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